Goliath - Veteran angel of Okotian archipelago

Goliath Is one of older angels from The Council.
He is only one to Help Arch in his quest to redeem himelself.

He was rewarden with place in The Council after he destroyed central core of Terapungaya, preventing more demons from coming threw.


ngram shot!

Thats about all! Critics are welcome here :3


I better hope my written bit helps my cause, because I’m rekt in the mocing department!

Well done!

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Dont worry, you will get “Im not golden Teridax!” Thing under your name :wink:

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Oh, I’m not just entering myself… :smirk:

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Wait, there’s a contest? link pls?

Also, good MOC, love the colors the use of the dots on the front and gears.

Now it might just be me,

but this seems familiar creep.
where have I seen this before?


so creep.


sorry buddy.

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Im preety sure something That was Wip is not counted as finished product, meaning this could be possible entry…

How abobout we all will check first, before jumping to conclusions… or we will wait


I like the gears and the weapon.

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Sadly, Yink is right. Since this MoC is basically in the exact same state as it was beforehand in the WiP topic, it’s disqualified from the running.




Technicly there were changes(back cover changed, 2015 head added) meaning if different from WiP, creating Counter-argument, terafore allowing me to participate

Soo, about that?

makes no difference
You showed the moc before, and it is the same moc.


Steampunk is cool.

But I’ve seen it before (I think).

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If that wont pass threw, I might aswell change entry to an drawing I will do someday

I can check and see if making some changes to things would qualify it.


The gold mask looks off with the rest of the colour scheme. But apart from that its a great MOC with a great design! :smile:

Unfortunately the changes to your WIP aren’t significant enough to qualify. We want everyone to have a fair standing in the contest, and it’s not fair for entrants to have such a huge advance in time to work on their MoCs. All MoC’s should be made during the entry period.

Obviously we can’t tell whether someone’s MoCs are new or old unless they’ve uploaded it before. Had you not already posted this it probably would have qualified, but alas.


Knowing that, sadly, this moc disqualified and such, I can stillbdraw something instead, right Var?


I would think so, also, it has to have story to it