Good websites to post and write stories on?

Alright, so i’m writing this story on Deviantart, but I feel that’s not a great place to put it.

If anyone knows any good websites for this kinda stuff, I’d be happy to hear about 'em.

EDIT: I’m using I don’t want this topic closed, though. Some discussion could be nice!


What’s the story about?

Something about people having these “esper” abilities that do…things. Almost like sembalances in RWBY, but more out-there (and of course very different). MCs are this introverted guy named Hisoka, and his high-strung “perfect” sister Seiko. because i’m totally a weeb /s

Of course this is very loose, and I have so much planned. It’ll get much more meaningful as the story progresses.

It’s extremely anime-esque, but I do not want to use wouldn’t be the place for it anyway, unless it actually was fanfiction. I would suggest trying reddit. There are likely a few subreddits you could post in, such as /r/creativewriting.


you could try Deviantart
you can post stories there
but it might have less chance of being noticed

I don’t know that many other places for Story sharing

I did try deviantart. But it didn’t go well at all, lol.

I mean, I was typing directly into the thing, and it didn’t have a grammar check… sometimes I just completely forgot to come back to a sentence :sweat_smile:

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