Goosebumps The Movie

What are your thoughts on this?

As if he books and tv show weren't bad enough, we really don't need anymore goosebumps

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Having been a fan of the Goosebumps books, which honestly had some interesting twists and focused heavily on the creepy/scary nature - this looks nothing like them.

The film looks like a mix between Jumanji and Inkheart just without the intriguing characters and with a very generic/comedic feel. I mean, I understand that certain aspects from the books might not be scary to people anymore, however turning it into a bland comedy is not the way to go.

There are some uniquely terrifying monsters and ideas that they could have used, so I must admit I am disappointed though will probably check out this movie when I can view it for free.


This new Pokemon movie looks great.


I agree. When I was a wee little Hordika, I read them like every other kid did, and they were honestly pretty good, and I still think that. The TV show from the 90s, and even that was pretty okay.

This, not really.

I have fond memories of these books from my childhood......and this trailer just ruined all of them. This looks like such a lazy, uninspired film, even for an adaptation of a children's book series.

I don't remember the books being this awful, or even the TV show.....apparently, I'm remembering them wrong. stuck_out_tongue

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Seems like another goofy, generic, family friendly comedy.

Doesn't hearken back to the feel of the books at all.

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