Gorast 2.0

hi there im kinda new here and i thought i would introduce myself by posting a moc i made of gorast, ive been meaning to take some new pics of her but my camera is acting up so have some older images of her, what do you think, i would love some feedback.

sorry if the images are a bit clumped ive never used this place before
oh turns out i can only post 3 images


The two dark green plates on her shoulders look a bit out of place, as does the massive black armor piece on the back of her neck. Other than that, this is quite the good-looking revamp. I particularly like the clear separation between the upper and lower sections of her body; it adds nicely to the insectoid vibe.

Dang this looks really cool!
But only having two silver pieces is meh

Nice. It’s better than the real thing.

The feet kinda look awkward, and the dark green and neck plate look bad.
The build and look is really nice otherwise.

Looks fantasti! Really well filled.