Gornua the lost

This is a moc I’ve been wanting to build for a while, but been lost for inspiration. He’s meant to be a mutated rahi from toa onua’s genetics. He may not be the most complexe, but he fits my bill.


Man, I wish you had brighter lighting. But from what I can see this guy looks pretty cool. Impossible to see what’s going on with the torso though.


This is actually pretty cool.

Not seeing much of a mutant vibe going, the build for the arm and torso is relatively solid, I don’t like how big and blocky the back head is, but I guess thats the only abnormal look it has personally.

There are a few things that could improve, like the colors and the head build
But everything else looks cool

Quite a quaint little build here, I rather enjoy his roly-poly kind of look going on. Nice work!