Govis, king bird man guy person

Name: Govis
Species: Antidermis Toa
Kanohi: warped beyond recognition, impossible to tell.
Equipment: “Hand Of Fate”, whip seemingly controlled with telekinesis.

Govis was one of the original Antidermis Toa. However, his morals conflicted with that of Croulus, and the two became enemies…

Two against one was never fair…


So, C and C appreciated!


Neat, looks pretty good. I like the unique use of the blaster pieces as shin armor.


I like the beak like face.


So, you can’t see what mask he used to wear, but does it still hold any amount of power?

Interesting, so he was made from Antedermis or he can control it like a normal element?

Nice build, I like the torso design and the creepy weapon

@Marzipancutter it has some powerleft , but i have no idea what it was. mainly because i haven’t thought of anything

@Brickbot99 he is t e c h n i c a l l y a Makuta, but the Antidermis Toa were honorary toa. (this is just something that’s in my fanstory it probably wouldn’t work in bionicle G1)


hammer time

i think this counts as an update to the moc

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ooh that hammer looks pretty cool
I really like the use of the skull villain ribcage

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