Graceben: A Self MOC

This is graceben. He is a hero and he fights all kinds of evil. With the end of Bionicle and all the toa gone, there is no one left to protect Okoto from the beasts, Makuta, and the skeletons

Graceben vs. Spike


I like this guy, but he could use either more gold on the arms or more blue everywhere else.

He could have better color distribution on the arms, and the torso is kind of a block.

So did he find out how to convert energy into matter or is it literal sunlight, in which case, it wont be very useful. /s


Looks good but needs more blue

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Well the build is interesting (in some areas), I don’t like how the leg is entirely built and the arm are a bit long.

I feel the blue could be better distributed and the Scarox head looks a little out place. Nice MOC besides that.

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Torso isn’t pretty - the whole thing is a bit cluttered. But I will say, I like it way more than your previous work. Good job.

He could be a bit less monochromatic apart from the arms, but other than that he looks pretty solid. The sword is a pretty nice build, too.

This looks pretty cool! I love the gold and the cape!

Thanks! I like him a lot too! @decepticonaiden

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An Edge-lord if I’ve ever seen one.

The Inika arms and the ccbs shells all over the rest of it don’t work well together. I’d suggest using dark blue ccbs armor shells from Kopaka Uniter and Storm Beast instead. And there’s way too much gold on the rest of the MOC, with so little contrast, he’s either trying to one up Ekimu

or look like a golden statue of himself.