Grand Master Solek: The Worst MOC Ever

Grand Master Solek

"There are three things that I have that you don't. A face. A mask. And a pulse." ~Solek~

This MOC was made for fun using a bunch of scrap/ damaged parts from old Bionicles. If you look closely you can see all the cracked/ superglued joints.

Bow Down To Solekism



I love it!
Those mandibles on the neck are hilarious.

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It's supposed to represent a collar like thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Blimey this is amazin raisins

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Raisins are good. Especially with Solek. Bow down to Solekism for free raisins.


Can't tell if it's a hero or a villain...

Solek is whatever solek wants to be. Solek can bend space and time to change whoever he wants to be. He can be a hero or a villian. :smile:


All should follow Solek, the Sol savior!

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@Mesonak come and look at your enemy


Praise Solek. But we should get back onto topic which means about talking about the moc and not Lord Solek.

This is actually a really good MOC. I really like the look of it. 10/10, despite being a Solek joke, which I hate.

Thanks sir. :smiley: It wasn't originally intended to be a Solek joke. I was going to put a Kopaka Mask on but I decided Solek's looked better.

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You just called Pekekoa sir.


Yeah, I can imagine that not working as well.

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Wait what does that mean?

I don't even know.

He's a Scrubian; they're never called "sir".

This just goes to show:

If you take the head of @Mesonak , YOU BECOME @Mesonak !


Solekuta confirmed?

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Not gonna lie, that's pretty top notch. I like how the MoC is constructed a good deal.

As I was scrolling down through your gallery, I noticed the picture with the Piraka Skull. NOW you're dead to me. :stuck_out_tongue: