Graphic Novel 11 speculation?

We all know about the cancelled 10th Graphic Novel: Power of the Great Beings, right? It would have shown Mata Nui’s Journey to the Valley of the Maze and had reveals of stuff about the Great Beings, there’s a lot of information on what would have been. What I find interesting, however, was the possibility of Graphic Novel 11, which would have contained the two 2010 comics, plus “a few new stories set post-Mata Nui and Makuta”, according to Greg.

I’m curious what you all think those stories might have been. Would we have gotten some of the story serials in comic form, like The Yesterday Quest or The Powers That Be? Or would it have been new stories focused on the Bara Magnans after the Reformation, or even their interactions with the Toa and Matoran? Or maybe new stories with characters like the Element Lords or the Baterra, who previously appeared in GN8?

Personally, I expect it would have been one-offs with the other Toa Nuva (not sure what they would’ve done about Lewa, maybe he would have been found with the jungle Agori). I would’ve liked to see the TYQ Toa in comic form, though, that would have been awesome.


I think they would have been new stories. But sadly there is not much room for any speculation since this information never existed. The best we can discuss is a wishlist of stories. From how it was described, there has never been any plan behind it, because its very existence was undecided until it became obvious that no more graphic novels would be made.


I don’t think these cancelled graphic novels would have contained any of the late-story plot threads that we are used to; so many of those plot threads were only written because all other published media for the theme was being cancelled and Greg didn’t have to follow any more “templates”.

That being said, though, all of your ideas are really good; in an ideal world where the story was allowed to continue in full force without pressure to sell toys, it would have been cool to see how the artists drew all the new characters without any set references. We already got that with the Baterra, and I think the artists did a good job of making them fit in with the other set-based characters.

I would definitely want to learn more about the Great Beings, and telling such stories in visual form without being forced to adhere to the contradictory appearances of other Glatorian sets could finally give us satisfying references for what a Spherus Magnan should look like.


What do you mean by that?


Likely the mechanical bits on the parts. The Glatorian are supposed to be organic, not mechanical. But then again, they could have armor sort of like the early Iron Man armors in the movies…


Yeah, that’s what I was getting at; I don’t want to say that the set depictions are wrong, since those are official models, but it’s like I was referencing above: the Spherus Magnans were meant to be completely different from the earlier characters, being organic beings wearing armour like we would, so it’s not very satisfying when they’re shown exactly the same way as biomechanical characters.