Gravity Falls

K, anyone else here a "Faller"? Anyone else hate that title?

I still think McGucket is the author, even though it's been deconfirmed twice-over.


@Prince_Charmless, you have to see this!

But yeah, I ship DipperXWendy. Like, really hardcore. The age difference means NOTHING to me, considering that something could happen to make the kids older, kinda like what happened to Lloyd in Ninjago. It's a possibility, maybe Dipper and Mabel are magically turned 3 years older, and as a side-effect to that, DipperXWendy becomes canon. I mean, in the newest episode with the time travel, it's clear Wendy likes Dipper too, but it appears that the age difference is the only thing holding them back, so I hope for the sake of the ship, either Dipper gets older, Wendy gets younger, or Dipper and Mabel keep coming back to Gravity Falls every year, and eventually Dipper and Wendy are closer in size and the age difference becomes less noticeable. As for the part with Dipper not living in Gravity Falls most of the time, the two of them could keep in touch via the interwebz, and a few trips during the summer, winter, spring, and other breaks in between. As for the journals, my theory is that it's just the guy from that one episode, except he's not actually a shape-shifter.

I'm just going to mute this topic.....I've heard the horror tales.

Horror tales?

Funny, I always thought that would happen, but with Wendy losing three years (didn't she show a picture of herself at 12 in "Double Dipper"?)

But really, though, since the author's not McGucket, it HAS to be Stanley (that hypothetical Stan twin). The only other options are Bill and Stan, and Hirsch isn't that stupid.

Wait, has "Blendin's Game" aired already? My DVR's recording system can rot in Karzanhi.

You're not in that part of the internet. At least, not yet..

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Watched one episode of it, was weirded out, never watched again.

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No, no, that's good. That indicates you're probably normal.

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This, except I wasn't weirded out enough.

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It's awesome!

I love this show.

It is one of two 'Disney' shows I watch (this and Rebels).


Same here.

Those are also the two Disney shows I watch.

Speaking of Gravity Falls and Star Wars: Rebels, anyone know what's up with the sudden month-long hiatus?


I just finished the first season of this show last night.



I love it.


Vuhii, I believe that now a certain someone must also be converted...

cough @Fortheloveofcats cough

She watched the show with me.

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Watched it and this became one of my favorite scenes I ever saw in my life.
1. Waddles scenes are the best scenes.
2. The Pig can talk using a keyboard and sound system.
3. It is voiced by Neil deGrass Tyson.

Gravity Falls being scary, lolz. Its not ,its is totally tame when it comes to its episodes.


Just finished a few episodes of the show.
I absolutely hated it.

I think he meant the less than kid-friendly fan fictions. I won't mention them due to their less than kid-friendly nature.

Gravity Falls is a great show, I tellz ya! smile

I marathoned the show in 3 days in Dec '14 (Up until Season 2 Episode 9).

The show is extremely good at melding comedy with mystery (It's super-conducive to re-watches too). I've watched it twice: the first time I laughed at the great jokes, and the second time I hunted for the hidden secrets. It's gotten me quite intrigued for future events in later episodes.

Now, I, and probably everyone that likes the show is eagerly waiting for season 2 to return on Feb 16 '15. smiley


Would ya mind explaining why?