Graxx armour pt 1: mega runner/ police mode

The mega runner is a fast and agile vehicle that has been filled with SPD data and different versatile weapon systems, so what if it’s small it’s still compact with pure raging energy.

That isn’t all though, it has been enhanced with the ability of fusion with graxx to further increase his own power.

This form of graxx is police enforcer mode and much stronger than graxx’s original form.

Ugly I know but forget about that, his power is beyond that of a team of mistaka or phantoka toa Nuva, it doesn’t matter which, the restriction of movement is a downside but that doesn’t matter to him.


I can’t see how that can happen when it barely even covers the user…

The added parts seem to make little difference beyond breaking up what was originally a fairly consistent color scheme, and they don’t really look like anything, like giant shovels, maybe…

I just don’t see what part of this is actually adding any “amazing power.”


I’m sorry, what the…?
The mega runner is just a mess of CCBS bones, and it makes Graxx look really cluttered and odd.
No offense, but this could use a lot of work.
@Joe Dino Thunder was better. :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like a standard CCBS MOC with just bones on his arms. I suggest something more interesting.

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I understand if it looks weird, it isn’t supposed to look good🙃

Then I don’t really see the point…

An “ugly” design can still look good if it fits what it’s trying to be. This simply doesn’t look powerful at all, nor does it add much to the existing figure besides metallic colors.

It might not be supposed to look “cool,” but it’s supposed to look like a powerful piece of machinery and this simply does not.

Can’t argue with fact


Without a doubt, this is the best MOC I have ever seen.


This looks meh… there could be some better armor on the combination mode and the vehicle could use some work, try developing some tires or wings for a super sonic jet, the combination also looks kind of sloppy and does not flow well, try swichting out armor plates and building a jetpack out of the vehicle instead.

Ccbs alone doesn’t work well on Mocs; that goes double for armor / power up peices. When it comes to peices like that technic is basically a must.

I don’t want to sound conceited but add on armor should look like this; adding to the moc without hanging off the moc.