Great Spirit Robot MOC

This is the greatest MOC I ever made. I've built many in my time, but none quite like this one. Meet the Great Spirit Robot, probably one of the largest free-standing humanoid MOCs.

It weighs over a pound and towers 28 inches into the air. To put that in perspective, Toa Mata Nui and Kardas don't even reach the base of his legs. He can hold a matoran or agori in the palm of his hand, and step over any system-based playset from Bionicle. He also carriers two Midak Skyblasters, one under each arm, and holds six spare projectiles within his back.

I built it years ago to represent the GSR, and the only way to truly do justice to that was to keep making it larger. It barely articulates though, because I had to lock its knees, ankles and most of the movement in its hip to keep it standing upright. It uses up a tremendous amount of gray, silver, gunmetal, and black parts, mostly in the armor and technic lift arms.

Oh and I built a second one in December over the course of three days.


its too skeletal other than that great work wink


Heh, being skeletal is the least of its problems.


That...holy crap that's massive...


Coolio. Not much else to say... oh yeah forgot I NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!


Mata Nui...

That thing is huge...
* stands dumbfounded *


Wow. This is very impressive! The arms look a bit spindly though.

That, that is... I feel inferior now stuck_out_tongue

Ehhhh. I don't really like this MOC. At all. Size is impressive, but it's just so spindly and skeletal just no. The lower torso is pretty darn ugly, with all the technic, the upper torso doesn't fare much better, the arms are meh. I may sound harsh, but these are my own opinions. The legs are pretty good though. If the rest of the MOC held up to those legs, it may actually work for me.


I feel like if it was just plastered in grey baseplates it would look far better.

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Maybe it's just me, but I feel like the head is too tall. >.>


Since I recently dismantled all my HF sets for stock CCBS parts, I'll probably try to strip off all the armor and replace it with something to make it less gappy/spindly. Also I'm gonna try to redesign the arms with something better, because I never put much effort into them when I first built them. They'll be based off the arms of this failed dude, who was around the size of the GSR,

and is now also a carcass.

Good thing I have the other colorful backup to experiment on.


He should've known better than to play with moons.


He looks a little gappy but man is he BIG!