Great Zatth vs Rahi Control?

This question came to mind after two Biotubers recently cited the Great Zatth as both one of the most powerful, and useless kanohi. Let’s say Kongu battles a Rahi Control Rahkshi, would the Rahkshi be able to control any creature Kongu summons to help him, or will the Rahi help Kongu until the effects of the Zatth are gone?


Given that the Zatth can summon rahi, but not control them (or what creature is summoned); the rahkshi of rahi control would be able to whatever creature Kongu happens to summon.


Yes, but the Rahi summoned MUST help the Zatth user one way or another, that’s already some sort of mind control, like automatically domesticating a wild animal for a short time. That’s why I thought that maybe Rahi Control powers wouldn’t have effects on an already tamed Rahi by a Zatth user, or at least would cause serious confusion or mental damage in the poor rahi’s brain.

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Nope, the Zatth user has absolutely no control over the Rahi once they arrive, they don’t have to help. So no, you definitely do not want to use a Zatth against a Rahi Control Rahkshi or someone using a Mask of Rahi Control.


“His few attempts before at using it had convinced him its power was to summon creatures to his side.”

The Zatth not only summons random Rahi, it summons Rahi to HELP the user, otherwise the Rahi could simply eat or kill the one who summons it. As long as the Rahi is under the effects of the Zatth, it should remain on the kanohi user side, unless Rahi Control does have effects on them.

Depends on how you interpret that sentence, I think. It could just mean that the mask causes creatures to be physically close to Kongu

Read the quote in context:

Closing his eyes tightly, he triggered his Kanohi mask. His few attempts at using it before had convinced him its power was to summon creatures to Kongu’s side. But so far, each thing summoned had been worse or more bizarre than the last. He really didn’t want to see what was coming next.

As it turned out, shutting his eyes didn’t make things any better. He could feel the pounding beneath his feet, as if something was burrowing its way up from beneath the ocean floor. He could hear the sound of the ground being torn asunder nearby, the startled curses of the Barraki, and the panicked screech of the hahnah crab. Then he was tumbling through the water, struck by a massive undersea wave.

When he finally righted himself, Kongu opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was a grotesque sea creature, easily two hundred feet high, looking like a cross between a whale and the giant, clawed slime-worms Onu-Matoran miners had run into in the past. It was nothing that had ever lumbered through the seas of Metru Nui or anywhere Matoran dwelled. The creature was ancient when the world was new, a relic of a past age when it was probably dwarfed by its fellow creatures. It had slumbered for millennia until awakened by Kongu’s Mask of Summoning… and it woke up in a bad mood.

At first, the Barraki were too stunned to know how to react. Then Kalmah snapped his tentacle, sending Jaller flying toward the beast. Kongu took off after the Toa of Fire, swimming as fast as he could. With both Toa occupied, the two Barraki vanished into the black water.

The creature caught sight of Jaller just before the Toa was going to strike its body. It lashed out with a clawed appendage and batted the Toa away, sending him back toward the ocean floor. He slammed into the approaching Kongu and both hit the earth hard.

“What… what is that?” asked Jaller. “Where did it come from?”

“Well, I told you I didn’t want to use the mask,” Kongu replied.

The Kanohi Zatth is the Mask of Summoning, It has the ability to summon Rahi to the user and the user has no control over what will be summoned. SO does that mean that the User cannot control/infulence the Rahi summoned?

Does Spinax attack Makuta because (a- He finds out he’s Makuta, or (b- Kongu uses his Zatth to control it?
Neither, and Kongu’s mask cannot control Rahi, just summon them


I think the only real advantage of the Zatth is it’s namesake. The mask of Rahi Control doesn’t summon things, it controls the creatures already in the vicinity of the wearer. Zatth is better as a compliment to the MoRC, as in one of each on a team. Zatth bearer draws in Rahi from afar, and gives the MoRC something to work with. Otherwise, Zatth is roulette and MoRC is sometimes an empty gun