Green Day

Somehow this topic doesn’t exist
but yeah
Green Day
they’re pretty cool
their band’s name is based off of smoking pot


also nimrod’s one of my favorite albums
as well as warning


Boulevard Of Broken Dreams: Their best song, period. :smiley: :smiley:


I already created a discussion topic of this band. It is just under a different name

I don’t care which topic is shut down because of this post, I just wanted to throw this out there

Green Day is pretty great, American Idiot FTW


You’re talking about the albums.
Not just straight up discussion.
So, no, neither topics merit a closing, or so I would believe.

so yeah

You really should just change the title to Green Day Discussion Topic
because it’s really unclear.

Also that topic’s been dead for 4 months.

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I must end you.

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Takua’s got more rocks in his head than a po-matoran.

Kind of childish of you to call someone stupid just for liking something that you don’t.


I didn’t say he was stupid.

I mean, I’m sure Hewkii has more.

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I feel that the last actual albums from Green Day ended with 21st Century Breakdown. After that it seems like filler


Yeah, I always liked them.

They’re pretty cool.
21 Guns is great, so is Boulevard of Broken Dreams. (And pretty much everything else)
I’m singing/playing Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) for my music final.


As I get older, I find myself liking this band less and less. It’s come to the point where I actively change the station if they come on.

I might actually sell my copy of American Idiot.

Learning to play Last of the American Girls on bass. It’s dope.

I personally don’t like their music, though I understand why people like their music. Also they seem to be less than stellar people, if you’ve ever seen the video where they storm off stage, break their equipment and cuss everybody out. I do like “Boulevard of broken dreams” is pretty good though.

I avoided Green Day for a long time because of the ‘emo’/pop punk stigma attached to them and various other bands from that era.I was actually surprised with how much I liked American Idiot. I haven’t heard it again in a while now but I’m glad I was able to enjoy it without being pretentious :laughing:

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