Green Fire

This one is part of a team of six. Their similarity won’t go much further than that they’re bipedal and each of them has a different Hordika-mask.

For this one I tried combining Vakama Hordika’s Dark Red with the more recently expanded Trans-Bright Green colour. This in an attempt to have the colours pop out more due to them complementing each other.

Some pictures seem to be turned 90 degrees anti-clockwise, and stretched. Clicking on them should open a link showing the original image. If anyone knows how I could fix this, please tell.

Feedback, con- or destructive, and criticism appreciated!










Pretty interesting, it was just kinda hard to find out how to get the images to pop up. Good job mate!

Don’t you just have to press the triangles?

I figured I’d hide them in these triangles considering there’re quite a few images. I guess I could have a few pop-up without needing to click anything.

Also, thanks!

Yeah, I noticed that :sweat_smile:. I’d feel free to show a bunch of images in a row if I were you. I’ve just never seen an image system like that. The feet are a bit big, but that’s probably needed for such a big creation.

The feet and the body need some work. The feet are way longer than they should be and just don’t like the shape of the body. Otherwise, it’s okay