Green Goblin

Continuing my trend of Spider-Man themed MOCs, here’s the Green Goblin!

Fun fact: I sometimes come up with backstory for the Bionicle version of these Spider-Man characters. There’s something fun about trying to fit Spider-Man’s mythos into Bionicle.
My thought was this: the Makuta of York Nui (the island where the Bionicle Spidey story takes place) is known as Ozborn. Ozborn has a Teridax/Ahkmou relationship with a Matoran called Hari, who is also friends with the Matoran who would become Spider-Man (or Spider-Toa). Due to the whole Spidey thing, Spidey and Hari would drift apart. Ozborn would then use Hari as a weapon, using an adapted form of energized protodermis (similar to the kind that transformed the spider that would bite Spidey) to turn Hari into the Green Goblin. The idea is that this Goblin is a test run to see how this form of energized protodermis affects Hari before Ozborn would consider using it on himself or mass produce it as a weapon for the Brotherhood.
In my head, this Goblin would be closer to the Harry Osborn version of the character, but would take on the mantle first. It’s a bit like how Spectacular Spider-Man handled it in season 1 combined with aspects of the 90s animated series’ Hobgoblin. Also, some Ultimate Spidey lore there for good measure.
In case you’re curious why I went this route, it’s simple: doesn’t have the rib piece for the Phatoka Makuta torso. I wanted to use that torso for the Norman Goblin (who would always have been a Makuta in my head), with the torso holding the Tridax pods that would act as pumpkin bombs.