I modified my prievous MOC and made it into a Monster Truck, and used a bigger and stronger pull-back motor. Hope you like it! Suggestions also help!


Blocky and flat.

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Flat? I can understand that is a little blocky, but flat? What do you mean by that?

The ‘car’ section, the thing above the big wheel construction, is too flat. Look at this lego set:

The car section is bigger, to the point it can even fit a minifigure, this one is too flat. To be realistic.


Well… Does this look more realistic then mine?

A little bit.


My purpise with this MOCs is not to make realistic cars, but cartoony, crazy cars.

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Then yes. The goal is kinda achieved.


Also, don’t forget that this is just a modified version of my previous MOC. I just took the upper section and put it on those big wheels, and used a bigger pull-back motor.

Seeing that the other moc had the same cons as this one, I understand.


I like the shaping

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I like it it looks nostalgic and I just want to jump in it and drive it for myself

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One of the less good racers sets

And it lost out on pieces because they made it remote control.

The problem with yours is that it litteraly looks like a block of parts!

Why? I actually really like that set! I looks cool and it’s Remote Controlled (I really love RC cars), and also nice use of the bohork shield pieces! It’s something I might even get.

I guess it’s not that bad but I dare you to compare it to these

You can’t really compare the Large Technic ones with that… but it should rather be compared with the other same-size RC’s:

If you put it this way, it’s a pretty ok set.