Green Thunder: Pull-Back Racer MOC

I just ordered some Bionicle sets from Internet, and the seller gave me some extra LEGO parts, which were not related to the Bionicle sets I ordered. In this parts there was also a 2002 LEGO Racers pull-back motor, which I used to make this MOC.

So, this car has a pull-back motor, and when you pull it back, it goes on! Hope you like it!


Definitely an improvement! Good job! I’m not too sure about the double engines, not other than that, it’s great!

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Too blocky for my tastes.

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The front is a bit flat, but it looks like a nice MOC!

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Sorry, can you please explain me what do you mean by ‘blocky’? I don’t get it.

Blocky on its sides.They mean something “flat”

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Besides some curves here and there, it looks like it was made out of cubes or rectangles. A car is smoother than this.

I made it as a LEGO Racers Style Car. Pretty much all cars in this theme were like this, so I either make a “real” car, either a this type of car:

Those cars were still much smoother than this.


First time I’ve seen the pull-back motor used in a MOC.

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Boi, look at the curved front! That’s as unblocky as it gets!

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