Greencapps MOC dump

I don't MOC much so don't expect much on here but i resolved to make it for when I do once in a blue moon.

this is a little helper bot i made with spare parts

honestly i think he is cute

he has a cute little back pack too :3

this is the mussel man i made his head because..... MOHAWKS sorta

I'm not good with back armour....

this is my most experimental MOC with a custom head and failed gun thing....

again with the back armour

a look at the head

the dissembled head and gun thing

this is my self MOC of sorts it really more of a alter ego of mine but his name is Platinum PuppetMaster he wears a shadow avokii that he took from one of the alternate timeline shadow Takanuva

a better look at his front and yes he has 4 arms sorry about the blue pins Eljay XD

his back has chains that he attaches to opponents to mind control them
this is how I attached the head


that custom head...

did you set out to specifically terrify me?
it's the eyes mostly.

Green and dark grey are a truly spooky combination.

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XD no i think it looks good
granted that is at a flattering angle

soo your alter self moc basicaly has 4 arms?

yeup it comes from an old topic that is now invisible as a joke. For educational purposes I will link it here: NOPE CHUCK TESTA!

That head actually looks and seems pretty nice.

Why does everyone have 2008 takanuva... i want him... sob sob

I know Creep, I had that pain

until I got Takanuva 2008 from a bionicle lot

i made a CCBS Unicorn head......

how it is built


other various MOC topics I have made

UPDATE: I entered in these two MOC contests

i made i skull spider ring!!!
and this also for some reason

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