Greenlin on the Craghill Coast

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To the far west across the shining sea lies the village of Greenlin, nestled within the claw-like cliffs of the Craghill Coast. Those who come by airship hope for a better life away from the Volusian Empire, but what lies beyond is anyone’s guess.

This is a landscape of a location from the Foolish Five D&D campaign. I was pretty excited to do this one because our DM described the continent’s landscape as being extremely fantastical with massive spiked rocks, giant mushrooms, and floating debris. This was the first village we arrived in when we came by airship.

In terms of the art, I am definitely experiencing improvement as I progress. This one I focused much more on values and interesting shapes and kept things exclusively to hard edges. I think because of that it turned out much more defined than my previous attempts.

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Nice airship.