Greg Farshtey Confirms the Return of BIONICLE Books

Greg Farshtey Confirms the Return of Bionicle Books

Greg Farshtey has confirmed today on the LEGO Message Boards that there are Bionicle books planned for the return of the line in 2015, but that he may not be the one that’s writing them. He also dropped some more hints that point towards a reboot instead of a continuation for when the line returns.

Member kyle7475 wrote to Greg asking the inevitable question about the return of the books.

kyle7475: Greg, if you’re not writing the story for 2015, then who is? Will there even be a writen story (as in books, comics, etc)?

Greg: There is a team in Denmark that is responsible for the story. As for books, my understanding is there will be books at some point next year, but I do not know if a writer has been selected for them yet. That will be up to the publishers.


He later replied to the possibility of certain characters returning or appearing in 2015’s story, the wording of which does seem to lean towards it being a reboot.

Brikkyy: In the 2015 story, is it likely that we will be seeing more of characters such as Helryx and Artakha?

Greg: I would say it is highly doubtful. These are characters from a story that stopped five years ago, and that new fans would never even have heard of (since they were not even sets). It really wouldn’t make sense to make your target audience for the new launch have to go back and research relatively obscure characters to figure out what is going on in the story.


Considering that serials like “The Yesterday Quest” completely focused on the type of characters that Greg is talking about in this answer, it’s starting to look very unlikely that the new line is going to be a direct continuation of 2010’s story cliffhangers.

As those who have heard TTV Episode 116 already know, most of us at TTV are really hoping for a hard reboot, but those who had their fingers crossed for a continuation might still have a chance. The likelihood of that happening is growing smaller and smaller as more information is revealed, however.

So what do you think about the return of Bionicle books? Do you think having books for kids in 2015 is outdated? Would you rather have books or a TV show? Discuss this and more in our message boards below!

[Source]: “Chat with Greg Farshtey!" via the Lego Message Boards

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If there are books, I REALLY hope Greg writes them. He may the be perfect, but I don’t trust anyone else to get it right. (That’s not to say it’s impossible for someone else to do a good job, though.)

I much prefer the Bionicle G1 books to the movies. I’m way more exited for new books than I am for the possibility of a TV show.

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I’m very happy about this, however this depends what kind of books we’re talking about here, children’s books or novels? If the books are of similar style and length of the old ones, I’ll definitely be reading them.

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I second this. Books don’t have to cater to the very youngest demographic, which frees them up to be better in multiple ways.

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But here’s the thing, for Artakha at least, as you guys said on TTV they can reboot the character. They do not have to go into too much detail on his background, they can just use him as a keeper of a mask.

Can I just say, that wasn’t meant to be Spam, still sort of new to the forum ordeal.

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The other option is they could completely rewrite the character from the ground up. That’s personally what I’d like to see, a new story, with nods to the old one, but everything is 2.0. Or in this case 1.5 since we never got Artakha as a set and he was just an obscure character. see no reason why they can’t take old obscure characters and bring them to the forefront as new ones. We old fans will remember them from the obscure parts of the last story, so it makes us happy, and to the new fans it’s just a totally new character for them to fall in love with, I think everyone wins in that situation. :slight_smile:

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I liked the old books, didn’t get many of them. But if these are well written, I’ll read them.

How am I supposed to get these books when I will be trying to use my money to buy the sets?