Greg Farshtey, were you aware there is a Star system in Bionicle is real?

Going back from 2 days ago, NASA discovered a star system and named it PK 329-02.2, which is located in the South sky of the Norma Constellation. It has names such as Menzel 2, or Mz 2. But fans are saying that this resembles the Solis Magna System

Going back to the topic from the title, Greg Farshtey, were you aware of seeing that there is a Planetary nebula that resembles one of the fictional star systems in your story, specifically speaking Bionicle? How do you feel now that the Solis Manga System is turning out to be manifesting as a star system founded by NASA?


No freaking way.:exploding_head:


There was even a petition by Bionicle fans to name it Solis Magna back in the day. Sadly it did not go through…


Yep, it’s been brought up here before