Gregory the Gray Grinning Gargoyle

Stone warrior with attitude.

Built this because oddly there are few to no bionicle gargoyles online despite there being tons of knight and dragon mocs.


I love the build of the head. Great job

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The face is very expressive, however I don’t like how the chin turned out.

The smooth design help keep the model balance and the upper torso has some nice piece usage such as the jetpack for the torso.

I have no idea how many illegal joints are in that head or how fragile it is, seems to me that the head is extremely limited in its movement and that wrist gap is kinda spoils to solid bulky look of the moc. Still though, nice moc.

How did you pull-off that nose?

Very impressive. Fantastic use of those gears. If I were to make one complaint though, it would be that the holes in the wings look odd. Maybe put a round 1x1 tile on each hole?

That is cool af

The build is great but the face stands out to me. Excellent part usage there.

Great moc
I really like how you used the gear pieces for the teeth and the jet-pack for the back

I see what you were going for with the chin shape, but up close something feels odd. Otherwise the face is constructed masterfully and vibrant with expression. The same goes for the rest of the MOC.

I used a pilot’s helmet from and put an apollo stud inside. There’s a piece of rigid hose connecting the apollo stud to an axle joiner. The nose here is built similarly to the chin in Khafu the Red where the minifig hat is connected the exact same way, with the hose + apollo stud adapter I made.

In short, it’s one of these but with a stud on the bottom instead of an antistud.