Gremlin Karzahni

Karzahni the corrupt engineer and ruler of the realm of Karzahni has now joined my MOC collection!


I honestly don’t have much to say about him since he was mainly just built off of his actual look, but that’s not to say there’s nothing.

First of all, the color scheme is based on his original ebon and gold, I used keet-orange instead of gold not only because I don’t have many pieces in that color, but also because gold seemed rather unfitting for a being like Karzahni in my opinion. He also has aspects of the green that he gained later, the reason for it’s uneven distribution is because whenever his armor got significantly damaged it would automatically rebuild itself in green (for whatever reason) due to an ability that he had, it may not look all too appealing, but frankly that’s part of the point.

Karzahni’s fury:

I also gave him giant hands with elongated fingers to add an eerie feel to him, the inspiration came from the Aye-aye, who has long thin fingers to reach into trees to get to the insects deep inside.

Karzahni “repairing” a matoran:

I didn’t try to add many aspects of his mutated form on this MOC, but I did bother to add the tubes on his back to at least give some reference to it.

Karzahni scheming:

But anyway, that’s my MOC! I don’t really have more to say, but I do have a few other photos to show, so please enjoy!

Battle ready Karzahni;

“I prefer the term ‘creative’.”

Karzahni’s wrath:

Artakha and Karzahni competing for the legendary Mask of Creation:


He looks like the gnome that hides in my pantry and makes all of my cans of soup disappear.


I don’t think Karzahni is gonna win that contest against that Artahka.


What’s with the yellow?

I say in the topic.

Keet-orange is what you are calling yellow by the way. :slight_smile:

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He’s adorable! I’d just work with colorscheme

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I talk about the reasoning behind the color scheme here.

According to Greg, Karzahni used to have black and gold armor but then repaired it in green, I didn’t think his armor would’ve gotten damaged evenly on all sides, so I made the distribution uneven.

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looks like he skipped leg day. Artakha on the other hand, did not.

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Well actual Karzahni in the artwork did to.

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Glad you pointed that out!

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The point was that Artakha had large legs to contrast with Karzahni.