Gresh Gen 2 Mk1

Just a little something I put together for the the LOLS.


I ask… why the trans-lime stubs and the unarmored upper arms? Also that shield


Looks to be missing armor, good job so far

Those naked trans lime bones are very distracting.

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hes gonna murder him


What I tried to do was make armour on him that stands up and around his head.

I don’t have the actual Gresh shield parts, so I improvised. And this is a work in progress, so I’m just trying to see what I can do with this idea in mind

Ha! I didn’t even notice that!!

This is a work in progress so I’m just playing with what I can do.

Sorry, I’m generally new here, so I’m a little behind with the rules. I won’t do that again. Btw my Gresh moc got hidden for some reason, can you tell me why?

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Hello Frostbyte! Please give this topic on Double Posting and multiple posting in general a read. :slight_smile:

He’s a bit inconsistent. The upper arms are a bit bare, and from the side he looks like he has no neck. Try making his upper limbs be more armored, and thin it out a little at the ends.