Grief Stage 1: Denial

Kahi, I’m already a demon.

Hello all, this here’s my way of coping with the news from yesterday. Just a little MGSV parody, nothing too special. (Although I am using it as my avatar on the Patron Chat.)

Hope you enjoy.


This has surprising quality to it.


Lol I rushed this out the door.

This is awesome, lol.

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I feel like I need this right now. This is sort of a painful loss to me.

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Just to everyone in here knows, I’ve updated the image with a new version that I also tweeted to Eljay.

Not for any recaps

Not for any pins

Not for any boards

I love everything about this picture. The altered Miru is wonderfully integrated, and the added glow to the right eye definitely brings out a lot more character.


Can we all agree that the Miru is a weapon to surpass Metal Gear?


Hey, you’re pretty good

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