Gringat's Miscellaneous MOCs, 2016

While I was at university this year, I had a small selection of modern sets to muck around with…

Pohatu Modifications

Some minor rearrangements, mostly with the friction adders in the legs so the booted look isn’t disrupted, and turning the highly impractical weapon design into a more traditional flail with a sword in the offhand. He’s carrying the extra technic parts from both his set and Ketar.

Also, the new masks can be carried quite conveniently on a character’s hip. Not sure why more people don’t do that.

Ketar Modifications

Ketar’s front appendages were changed to better resemble a scorpion’s claws, and the tail is now more posable thanks to robbing a few pieces from the shadow trap.

Modded Pohatu/Ketar Unity

I think Ketar’s claws ended up looking more like some sort of green-energy blasters or boosters in this form. The tail is able to reach the ground, but sadly still can’t arch up over Pohatu’s head or be used offensively.

Umarak Modifications

I actually did these over a weekend at home with my main parts collection. I moved his shoulders up, integrated all the spare pieces from the set back into the build (including the shadow trap parts) and added some new parts in to modify the bow.

Pulling the bow back can now be simulated by moving the new joints there. The technic I added also gives him a crosshair.

And everything can be stored on him. The mask fits on his hip (again I don’t know why more people don’t do this!) and the bow can be put back there with a little disassembly. But, since a real bow should only ever be carried around like that unstrung, I think it’s okay.

Gali and Akida Combination MOC

This MOC used only parts from Gali, Uniter of Water and Akida, Creature of Water. That included the spare technic parts from both sets.

The blaster works. :slight_smile:

And it has a gear function so it can swing its diamond sword sword.

There were enough parts left over to make a kronkiwongi. This little creature is based off a lot of different deep sea life, mainly sea slugs and shrimp. It has four eyes looking up overhead for predators, and four more that scan the silty sea bottom for food, two antenna to feel its way around, and fans on its underbelly to help it hover, because why not.

Train Mixel

This guy comes from combining the Emerald Express with the Klinkers (which I’ve built with before). I tried to keep the main features from the train intact in the mixel, just adding arms, legs, teeth and googly eyes.

Spare tooth parts make a good, cartoony steam plume. His feet are made of railway sleepers.


I also picked up a couple of these things from my travels in Hull. I managed to get two of the same “set” - the plane. And I made a kronkiwongi with those too.

Anyway, that’s not quite all from me! There are four more MOCs which are a little more individual that I’ll be posting up later. I’m also back from university now! It’s over! I have a degree!
But I am headed right back to do a masters come October.
Better get building while I can!


Nice Mod’s! Can’t wait for the new MOC’s to be posted!

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Akida definitely looks the part!

Not a fan of the 2016 mods, they either have very minor changes or sre so changed they look odd. Gali is very awkward looking, specially those arms.


Gali looks so much better!
No more gaps in the legs plus a working stud shooter, the sword’s not bad as well!

I really want to buuld that Mixel train now… I love it.

@Omega_Tahu Think you can figure out how to build it from the pictures? I did take another which i didn’t include in the main post.


Yeah, I could figure it out. Thanks!

The Mixel train is definitely my favorite.

Plane duck kronkiwongi? I am confuse. Pretty decent stuff here.

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Hey, congrats on the degree! I should know at the end of the month whether I have one or not.
I like the Umarak mods, the shape of his default bow was perplexing to me.

I like that train Mixel a lot.

Lego should make train themed Mixels in the future…

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@SmeatyFlavor I’m supervised they haven’t yet honestly!


I like the mods and MOCs quite a bit, especially Umarak and the Train Mixel. I always look forward to seeing MOCs from you, and congrats on your degree, and good luck with your Master’s!

If you don’t mind me prying, what are you getting your Master’s in?

What happened to Umarak’s toes? I noticed you said you integrated all of his parts yet Umarak seems to be lacking his signature trans apple green toes.

Did you simply forget or is it personal preference?


The Mixel needs shorter legs, and I don’t like all that much the look of Gali+Akida, but the rest is good!

Pohatu’s unity doesn’t look as useless as it did now.

Oh, yeah. I’d forgotten about those… I don’t like them. :v Part of the mod was changing the feet to look a little more animal-like, so I moved the spike to the inside to look like a vestigial 5th digit, and got rid of the appletoes

@pizzacheetah Environmental Science :o Should be an interesting one.

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