Guardian Lewa

“Leave this to Toa heroes!”

One day I’ll figure out a look for the Toa Mata I’m happy with.


Amazing!! Your work is awesome ! You make good details


I don’t know why…
But it reminds me of Eljay more than Lewa.

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Same thing right?

It’s probably the look in his eye, it’s not exactly a happy go lucky look you’d expect from Lewa.


Probably. And yes, I think it should be the same thing, seeing that Eljay identify himself as Lewa with the Golden Mask.

Not gonna lie, kinda expected a green guardian from Breath of the Wild

This is really good! Your perspective is on point, and it’s the perfect blend between the set and being stylized

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Wow its like we are watching from the POV of a matoran bystander being guarded by lewa from that bohrok