Guardian Omega 2 Drone, The Scientist, The Raku Spider

A Scientist who worked for Makuta Teridax created the Guardian Omega Drone 2 to patrol Teridax’s new world without Makuta. The drone would take the place of Toa. The drone is armed with an energy rifle and a tail to give it ballence and to act a support when fireing its rifle.

The Scientist created the drones with his Raku Spider originally planning for the spider to ride it. It is slightly inspired by Star Wars droids and or stormtroopers.


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Guardian Omega Drone 2: (the giant red thing?)
Well for one thing, it doesn’t look like it was made under a day, the head and back is rather incomplete, and the arms is relatively messy.

The Scientist (the yellow/gold thing?) and The Raku Spider:
Very basic and not very inspiring CCBS build similar, to your other previous moc. They both feel incomplete with bare coverage in most areas.

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Each arm is made of 10 pieces. The head was supposed to attach to the Raku, but I scraped the idea. The head is th leftover from the idea. Which changed the Mocs backstory. The Raku spider is supposed to be like a small trinket, and the yellow you is the scientist. I also tried to make a semi technic torso build.

The red one isn’t bad compared to the rest but that’s not saying much

I tried to be unique, or I ran out of ideas for the upper legs and lower arms. This is one of my favorite Mocs I made. At least my custom torso works