Guardians of the Galaxy: The Hunt Ep. 2

Star Lord awoke under some rocks and trash. He threw them off, looked around, and saw the destruction. Around him, buildings were destroyed. Shi’arians were taking big blocks of stone off the streets to find survivors. Then he saw the Orb, closed, next to him. He grabbed it automatically and put it in his bag.
Then a Shi’ar saw him. It was the woman he had helped.
Shi’ar woman: There he is! He destroyed our neighborhood! You monster!
Every Shi’ar started to scream at Quill. Some started to throw rocks at him. He wanted to tell them that it wasn’t his fault, but nobody listened him. He ran away, trying to return to Milano. A vehicle started to follow him. Then from the vehicle a voice shouted:
Voice: Police! Stop right there! You are under arrest!
Quill went to an alley, too small for a vehicle. He didn’t stop running until he was over the exit from the city and arrived at the Milano. He ran inside.
Quill: Rocket? Groot?
Rocket: We’re here!
Quill: Are the others here too?
Rocket: No.
Quill: We need to find them!
Rocket: Not the main problem! Look!
Rocket showed him a screen. Quill looked at the screen and realized he was looking at the local news. On the screen there were images of the disaster the Stone had made.
Narrator: The Guardians of the Galaxy, the heroes who saved the galaxy twice, have turned evil. They initiated a terrorist attack in a neighborhood on our planet. Security cameras saw three of them, Star Lord, Gamora and Drax the Destroyer, walking down the streets. Another camera saw them attacking innocent people. It seems that Star Lord used a bomb to destroy the whole neighborhood. 25 people died. Gamora and Drax are captured. Emperor Vulcan plans to interrogate them personally. A hour after the explosion, Star Lord disappeared and ran away.
Rocket: Good job, Quill!
Quill: Hey!
Narrator: Really? Ok! We have breaking news! We found Star Lord!
Then on the screen there appeared a screenshot of the Milano.
Rocket: Wait…. What?
Then the door exploded and some Shi-arian police entered in the ship.
Rocket: I just fixed that door!
Police chief: Police! You are under arrest!

Peter Quill was on his cell. The police took them and dropped them in prison. There he met his roommate, Heather Douglas.
Heather (on her bed): Hi.
Quill: Hi.
She was dressed in dark green clothes. Her hair was short and black.
Heather: I am Heather Douglas. You can call me Moondragon.
Quill: Wait… What? Heather?
Heather: Yeah, you weirdo! I am from Earth.
Quill: Interesting. I have very rarely met any humans out here.
Heather: Whatever…
Quill went to his bed.
Quill: So… Why are you in prison?
Heather looked at him.
Heather: Who are you? Noise Lord? Shut up!
Quill: Yeah.
Quill shut up a minute, and then said:
Quill: I need to find my friends, Rocket Racoon and Groot. Do you know how can I find it?
Heather: Ughh! In the garden. We have an hour per day in there.
Quill: And when can I go to the garden.
Heather: In an hour.
Quill: Thanks!
An hour later, Quill and Heather went to the garden. The first thing Quill did was to search for his friends. He searched everywhere in the garden, but they weren’t anywhere. Quill went to a guard.
Quill: Where are my friends?
Guardian: Your mongrel and your weed are on a ship which will arrive on Emperor Vulcan’s ship. He ordered this. He also said he want to see you in three hours.
After everybody was sent in his cell, Heather looked at Quill:
Heather: You are in big trouble.
Quill: What do you mean?
Heather: Let’s face it. Vulcan has your friends and your gem.
Quill: No, he doesn’t have the gem.
Heather: Do you have it?
Quill: Uhhhh……
Heather: Yup, he has it. Just, be sure he doesn’t change the way you think.
Quill: What?
Heather: He wanted to see me too. He wants to recruit soldiers for his army. Probably, he will use the leverage that he has the others to convince you or something, but you need to be strong.
Quill: Thank you, Heather.
Heather: Whatever.
Sometime later, two guards were lead Star Lord down a hall. Then they arrived in front of a door. A guard pushed it open, and shoved Quill into a white room.
Vulcan: Hello there, Quill!

Credits to @JediTimeLord824

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