Guardians of the Galaxy (TV Show)

Disney XD’s animated show for Guardians of the Galaxy.

In my opinion, certainly the best of the three existing animated MARVEL shows (Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers Assemble, and this). It seems to understand the characters well, and the season-long ‘Cosmic Seed’ plot has been meh, but kept the show on a steady track. The last few weeks I’ve really been enjoying, and am actually starting to look forward to it each Sunday. So, is it good? Is it bad? Does it have you hooked on a feeling (sorry, couldn’t resist :joy:)? Discuss!


It’s the best of the new Marvel animated stuff, but that isn’t saying much.

Hey, you forgot Hulk and the agents of smash! Jk, To be honest I hated that show

About this show, the previews I saw on Marvel’s YouTube Channel looked promising, but I have yet to actually watch an episode.

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Smash, in addition to being bad, is over.

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I pretty much meant ‘existing’ as ‘currently running’.

Ahhh…I understand.