Guardna V2(self moc) plus story explanation

Guardna was stabbed by an ancient weapon that was made by a demon named Shinzo that he eventually teams up with to take down the GSW (corrupt government). The demon blade that he was stabbed by didn’t kill him but instead transformed him into a powerful demon warrior


A little on the generic/simple side and the HF core being red is a little jarring (y’know…random H in the middle of his chest), but otherwise I’d say he’s a solid action figure style guy. The neck does feel a little high up and the waist…uh…cloth? a little awkwardly posed in some pictures, but that’s not a fault of the design.

I’d like to have seen him with a weapon in some fun poses though. Given that he’s a CCBS figure I can tell he’s got really solid articulation and I’d imagine that translates well into good action poses.


This MOC appears simple but I really like the custom torso. The modified white 2.0 hero chest piece fits well and the articulation of this figure is really impressive. One thing I can suggest is to alter the proportions of the waist. Right now I think it is a bit skinny.

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