Guerahk, Mistress of Rahkshi v2

Version 2 (or 3. I’m not really sure.) of this

Mostly the same build though the back legs form useful kibble as shoulder cannons and I filled out her thighs a bit more. The only kibble on her is really just the leg frames on her arms now.

Size comparison with tfa storm trooper, a minifig, and shi.

Bull form

And more deadpool just becuase I can. Am I the only one that would buy a mighty micros deadpool just for the figure?

And she still has the beast wars style attack mode.


I must say the changes you did made really improve this already awesome MOC.

Much better!
Now every form looks great.

Nice transformation.

Also you don't see much Rakshi use Nuva shoulder as actual shoulder nowadays.

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You don’t see that peice used as shoulders period. Really I just used it becuase it’s nice armor and it gives the bull legs a nice shape. The only update now (if I make another version) is finding a way to give the bull some posability. His head can look down a little and the back hips rotate all directions only