GUN.T.O.A. Adams and Bunyan

I got to toying around with the custom head build I made for Adino yesterday, and came up with these two creations.
I may have been influenced by the James Gordon armored Batman when I built Bunyan…

Guntron Tactical Operative Assault
The elite fighting units of Guntron Industries, a private military dedicated to preserving peace in areas the government chooses to ignore.
The company has very loose standards for its troopers, allowing each soldier to customize their own armor and have their own choice of weapon.

Adams is the veteran of these two, a former U.S. Marine Raider, and an expert in close quarter urban warfare. He uses a standard Guntron assault rifle.

Bunyan (or ‘Bunnie’ as her friends call her), while being the rookie of the two, is no newbie when it comes to a fight. She was a former LAPD SWAT officer, being kicked off the force due to insubordination. She is armed with a modernized version of a 4 bore double barreled rifle


The pictures looks cool and so do the heads, but the body design looks pretty standard.

Yeah, I just went with traditional 2016 builds. I say 2016 because they both use the new 2016 torso pieces.

I like bunnie more than the other, but they both are really cool

The faces work well for a team type thing.
I especially like the stripes, it feels very veteran…


I love the heads, and they both look pretty cool over all.
(Seriously though, I was expecting a giant lumberjack with a gun.)

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They look very interesting. I like them

Reminds me of Tiger & Bunny.

I’m getting some serious ‘army of two’ vibes from these two,
Though considering these two are supposed to be human, the gappy hips and odd proportions are serious problems.

I love the way you used the shoulder pads as faces!

Ironically, their faces seem to exude the most character to me. Are these supposed to be human, though?

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These are indeed supposed to human. (think Halo or Star Wars).

GUN.T.O.A. is a reimagining of an old bionicle series I had made for YouTube about 5 or 6 years ago. (It’s no longer online, I deleted it when I moved to a new channel.)
Guntoa was a specially made warrior defending a Matoran supply city from an evil crime lord.

I am thinking of trying to build more of these using these shoulder plates, they’re fun to build, and they do look more original than using HF Evo’s helmet like I did with my last design…
Oh on the lumberjack thing, I did plan on building Bunyan as a big G2 Onua-type character, aaaand his ‘Blue Ox’ would’ve been a Technic motorcycle I got and slightly modified…
I still might give Bunnie the Blue Ox…


These are great,despite being fairly simple.

Though simplistic builds, I find that the head for each really sells it for me. They’re awesome :slight_smile:

The original Guntoa I built was even more simplistic…an Inika build…



Yyyyyeaaaah…I did slightly improve his second version with a custom body build…I don’t think it helped much…


Why are these not LEGO sets already?! :stuck_out_tongue:
Good job man!

Is it weird the the blank faces have the most character to them. Reminds me of Judge Dredd for some reason. Groovy MOC’s man.