GUN.T.O.A.Collins and Decker

Guntron Tactical Operative Assault
The elite fighting units of Guntron Industries, a private military dedicated to preserving peace in areas the government chooses to ignore.
The company has very loose standards for its troopers, allowing each soldier to customize their own armor and have their own choice of weapon.

these are two more members of the Devil Dogs Squadron along with Adams and Bunyan.
While they’re not completely rookies like Bunyan, they’re also not long time veterans like Adams.
(see them here )

Both MOCs use the 2016 torso with the old Inika upper torso piece.
Collins weapons are inspired by the original Guntoa, just upgraded for the sake of the new storyline.
All these characters are part of one eight-man squad that…shoot I haven’t figured that out yet…anyway they work together.

‘Gunslinger’ Collins is the black-ops stealth entry expert of the team and a keen marksman with his twin .50 cal semi-automatic pistols.

‘Covers’ Decker is the heavy weapons expert of this squad, equipped with a Guntron mini-gun.
His nickname ‘Covers’ comes from his main assignment on the battlefield, to lay down cover fire for the rest of the squad.

I think the head I came up with for Adino the Warror, is quickly becoming, the official ‘GUN.T.O.a.’ head.


Not a fan of Cover’s back armor, however other than that both are decent standard fare.

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yeah I got kinda lazy with that, I’ll admit. I wanted something to go with the purple in his chest armor.
I might redesign that later on…

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Both of these are really cool. I especially like the design of ‘Cover’s’ minigun.

They look very sharp.

She weighs 250 kilograms and fires $200 custom made cartridges per-

Oh wait, wrong game.
I’ll see myself out.

I’d like some more photos, but just like the last batch, pretty spectacular all around.

Armor is pretty standard. The heads and the mini-gun are what really interest me.

this is a Sonic Group

As soon as I read this…

Interesting. I never thought about using the shoulder pads as face masks. Nice job!

That’s exactly what I thought! lol

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Simple but effective.

I got to admit this looks sleek.
Pretty great.