Gundam Arios (first time painting)

So I tried model painting for the first time. Me and my dad who also has done model kits in the past went down to our local hobby shop and picked up this fella that I would try to do over spring break. I chose this one because I thought the flat surfaces would be able to be painted easily. I've never painted anything before and this is how it turned out.

War is hell.
So this is what I used. I knew a little bit about painting from some research I did and new that you had to use primer first, then paint, then top coat. Unfortunately I didn't know anything about primer or spraying wich caused the swirly effects in the green parts. Speaking of green parts, they were originally orange but because I used a darker primer they turned green. The red parts on the chest and head were also supposed to be yellow but i didn't have any yellow paint that I could use. There's also more stuff from the kit that I could have painted but I left those out. I might do it eventually but for right now I just have everything inside of a plastic bag.
I also don't know anything about the process of painting a gundam so I ended up painting ever individual peice in batches. If anyone here is expected with painting, it this a good thing to do?

Anyway here's some more pictures.

So I think in the future I'm going to try model painting again. I want to try spray painting as that might be a bit easier and faster. I also have some "gundam pens" as well but I want to know what the general consensus is for using those. If any of you have any tips for me in the future I'd love to hear it.


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Before painting anything you want to first put down a basic white or grey primer. That makes it so you don't have orange showing through the green.

Funny thing is, I didn't use green paint.

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Was that a Blue?...


Nvm, didn't read the topic. Sorry 'bout that.

Anyways, try researching paints first. I have no firsthand experience, but @Joe should.

Looks alright. The green is a tad thick.

Here's my recommendation; don't put them on a surface and spray. Put them on the ends of alligator clips on sticks and spray in the air until the piece is appropriately covered. Also, use primer, it'll help.

All in all, it looks fine, but you would benefit from changing your techniques as well as using the gift from the Gunpla gods that is primer. Also, don't do it in high humidity. It will mess up the paint.

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I actually did the alligator clips for a few of the peices like the crotch wing and leg wings to hold them up while they dry but I mainly used the clips (I only had two of them) to hold the peices while painting. I did spray on grey primer and after that dried I used a brush to paint the peices. Once that dried, I then sprayed on top coat. Also I used orange paint but it turned green for some reason after drying (probably humidity like you said). Thanks for the tips though!

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This motivates me to try paint in a bit more. Motivation overdrive

Is that a JoJo reference?

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Was this spray or acrylic?

What was the brand of this?

This is what I used:

Did you use spray cans or an airbrush?

I used a regular paint brush like this one:

The primer ant top coats I sprayed.

Ahhh, I had assumed you had sprayed. Alright, in that case, I'd recommend to use spray paint for full-scale paint jobs. It's a lot more efficient and usually yields better results. Don't be a moron like me and forget to weird respiratory protection, though.

Got it. I did want to try spray painting on my next one.

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Don't get me wrong, handbrushing is great for smaller stuff, it's just on larger things that spray tends to come off as cleaner.