Gundam Inspired Mecha. Christmas Colors

I was building these two mecha to see if my system parts were organized well enough. They seem to be, and these are what came out of me messing around for a couple of days.

My favorite of the two is the red and white one. That was actually the first one that was built, but it is a bit more streamlined. It’s pretty poseable too. Here’s some more pictures of it.

With some green effect parts.

Notice the side boosters and his giant booster backpack. Two things that are done regularly with gunpla.

Finally, an action pose! Beam saber handles are held under it’s shoulder pauldrons.

Anyways, thank you so much for taking a look!


It looks pretty cool, except for the head. It looks pretty strange.

Thanks. The head is definitely one part that could use some work. It’s the best that I could come up with at the time. I’ve always had trouble with custom heads.

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These look pretty good. Nice job

Dude great job on the angling of the thrusters and armour, they look pretty good. The jaw looks a bit far down but other than that, its really cool.

Fantastic, the shaping of the armor and the look of the thrusters is superb.

@BioKnight Thank you!
@Stoax I was surprised at how easily it came together. I could post the underframe if you are interested. The armor is sort of based around that.
@Tobin-Bartram Thanks. The head does need a little bit of work. This was a fun build.

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This looks cool. The added green parts makes it look a lot better.

Thank you. It could use some more green, but none of the other peices in that color I had really fit anywhere.

The moc looks cool and generally solid, but there is one issue…
It looks more like a Macross/Robotech inspired than it is Gundam.
Meh… I guess the beam saber counts as Gundam.
This is just my opinion tho so yeah… stuff…

I dunno the name of this guy and I am too lazy to search it up, but I am not lazy enough to not type this sentence. I bet it would have been faster to search it up anyways…

Model: RX-78-2


I wasn’t aware of that style of giant robot. I’ll have to look into those. That’s pretty interesting, though.

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Macross/Robotech is pretty much if Transformers, planes, and Gundam were combined into a series.

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It seems like an interesting series. I’ll have to watch a few episodes sometime.