Gundam Model Kit

So, I’ve seen alot of people here on TTV buying Gunpla…

Diary off, I’m interested in buying sime, but I’m not allowed to watch the show. I know nothing about the things.
So what company and/or model would you reccomend?
Also, how poseable are they?

As for the company you don’t have any options; it’s all bandai
As for beginning I’d pick up maybe a GM or 15$ or less HG. The iron blooded orphans line is pretty good.
As for how posable; it depends on the suit / model but I’ll let my display answer for me.

As for the anime if you can’t watch it online, streaming, or YouTube just find a model you think looks cool; that’s how I started. In fact the battle damaged red and black one was my first (of course it’s been through several customizations.)

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Cool, thanks!

I found a few I liked, and they’re all around $20-$30

Cool. Which ones?

Bandai is your only choice as far as company. For models, the HGUC RX-78-2 Revive ($10-$12 USD) or the HGAC Leo ($10-$12) are fantastic kits and great for beginners due to their simplified construction compared to their counterparts. The rest of the HGUC Revive sub-line also are very good starter kits (I myself started with the HGUC Gouf Revive).

They’ve more solid articulation all around than most Bionicle figures IMO. More recent HG kits (from ~2013 onwards) make really good use of double-jointed knees and elbows, and superior shoulder- and hip-joints to Lego constraction figures.

By the way, do you already have the necessary tools for assembling model kits?

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When it comes to tools as long as you have nail clippers or some kind of cutter for the parts you don’t need much starting out. That’s what I did when I started and now I have Gundam markers, files, etc.

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No, but I do have sandpaper and clippers.

I have quite a few in mind, but my favorite so far is Zaku II type c/c-5.

Zakus in general are really good custom fodder. You don’t even have to really add much since they’re mass produced suits.

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Those are pretty much all you need yeah
Also the Zaku II Type C is a really good kit, so that should serve well as your first.

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A couple weeks ago I bought a 1/144 Tallgeese I kit at a Gunpla display at the mall for around $6. I don’t have the tools or the brainpower to follow the instructions so it’s all still sitting in the box


All you need for the tools are small wire cutters, sandpaper, and maybe an xacto knife.

Yeah they were selling the cutters there but I was oblivious. Even though I remember what happened the one time my dad bought some Gunpla when I was a kid

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You should build it!

I’ve heard it’s like legos

You should click on the link in my first post, it has pictures of the guide to building them. They are way more complex :rolling_eyes:

I could see that

That thing is retailing for $4.

Well I’m not living in the US at the moment so it’s probably bound to be a little more expensive at a random pop-up shop : p

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Have you build any other gunpla?

Nope! This will be my first one. Once I have the motivation to buy the tools. If I can ever find my favorite Gundam for sale I’ll definitely get that one too

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Amazon has some good prices.

I found my favorite for $25.

Just crack it open, budz, they aren’t actually that complex, once you figure out the weird way they orient their instructions.

Not that necessarily, all you need is an Xacto. The plastic is such cheap quality you can just twist most parts off the sprue.

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