Gunmen Request Topic!

Hey! I’m bored and out of ideas, so I’ve decided to make a Gunmen request topic. basically, for those of you that aren’t familiar with Gurren Lagann, these are Gunmen

of course these aren’t going to be built to actual scale, they’ll probably be built around this guys size:


  1. Post an image of a head/face, so I know what to make. Also, try describing some limbs, so I have an idea of what to make.

  2. Try to stay away from extremely hard designs. aka don’t post a post a spherical head with a halo, then say to give it Balls for limbs. I don’t want to spend forever on these. that doesn’t mean that these will be bad

  3. I’m free to take artistic liberties with color or design. I might give them teeth or something, or make the design different. Aka, it might not be exactly what you want, but I’l try not to stray too far.

  4. I always try to include minifig pilots, but if you make a extremely complex design, you might not get a pilot.

5. I can Veto what I want

These won’t be instantaneous, especially with school. be patient.

also, one request per person until further notice.

now, I’ve opened the gates…


If I think of something, I might ask…

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Could you do an orange and white one?
I don’t really have a face to post, so you can take artistic liberties.

Dai-Gurren and Lazengann.

they’re official gunmen, so google em.

Which one, I’m limiting it to one request per person for now, to try and restrict overflow.

So, just like any type? Even if you don’t have a face, a general description of what you want it to look like helps alot.

Dai-Gurren then.

preferably to scale with the rest (have others use mixel joints?)

Make one, with the MoUP as it’s face.

The rest are going to be the same scale as Nekusa, the one in the main post… making it to scale is going to be nearly impossible… however, I’ll make mini mechs to go with it.

Ok. Should be easy enough.


Can you make the furry one with 16 faces? I almost never see that get any love.

If not how about one of the 4 generals gunmen?

Or neither just one of the non flat faced gunmen (maybe even a custom one with a dragon head.

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Finally, you are watching the Mecha Anime of real men… I’m so proud of you. /joke

In all honesty, it looks really good.

This sounds fun. Can I get one based loosely upon my self MOC? Here’s a picture:

As for the pilot, could it perchance have plain black legs, with a Powerminers year one printed waist piece, a blue samurai torso from the first run of Lego Ninja, the original two sided face, and a chrome gold crown?

may i request the designs of the mini-mechs?

Sure. They’ll be like 5 pieces tho.

I’ll probably simplify it quite a bit

Sorry, that’s just my sigfig. Now that I think of it, I haven’t posted him here yet, have I? But anyway, can you at least give him the crown and give the mech red pterodactyl wings?

Maybe something like a tiger skull?

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I don’t have any crowns unfortunately, But otherwise it’s possible. Something based off of the mask with wings.[quote=“Hutere, post:16, topic:28968, full:true”]
Maybe something like a tiger skull?



can you make one that looks confused? The colors don’t really mater, but I would prefer white and light blue.

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Make a Black, silver and red one.
Make the face look like the Avokhii.

Distraxx gunmen.

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I give you a challenge, OT.

Build Cathedral Terra, constraction scale.

Nah, I’m just kidding. I’d take Enkididu with the helmet, though; something tells me the floatie/ toilet seat piece should work for this guy.

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My Brian did the thing.


How about one that is themed like a deer, or an Elk?

What with antlers, and hooves, and such…

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