Gunpla Discussion Topic

Hello friends! Here you can discuss about Gundam Plastic Models (Gunpla). If you have any thoughts on new kits, or old ones, feel free to share them!
You may also share models you've built, showing off what you got! Don't be scare to give some constructive criticism to their creations too. :wink:

To stats thing off, I'd like to present my first two Gunpla:

The XXXG-01W Wing Gundam

And the XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero

As for other model kits, I think the Try Burning Gundam looks awesome, and is probably next on my list. If I can't afford the real grade wing zero EW.


Man i wish i had enough gundams to customize/creat ones. all i have are HG gundam exia,zabanya and seraphim.

ANYWAY.the XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero looks cool as hell. i should really start saving up to buy more gundams :s



I'm not big into the franchise, but I do have a number of things from G.

Fuun Saiki, Master Gundam, and Shining Gundam.

I want some representation of Burning/God, but uh...priorities. Shining had a cooler name anyway.

Fuun Saiki can do jack without his stand, tho. He does make a legit display, but eeeehhhhh



Yo @Corex11

If you're wondering, an RG 1/144 scale Wing Gundam Zero Custom. Just got it today

*note, incomplete due to skrub-tier building skills


It looks so beautiful heart_eyes I'm very jealous right now! Doesn't look like it needs panel lining to look pretty. I do wonder, do the red fins on the arms fall off as easily like the older models? (I use to have the first HG kit of EW zero, and those things would pop off all the time stuck_out_tongue)

The place that I got all of my model tools was actually Wal-Mart. My snippers and Xacto-knife are from the fabric section, and my files are from their tool section. All together, it only cost me $15. Very good place to quickly grab stuff.

For panel lining, I bought official panel line markers off Amazon for only $2.50 each wink

For good tutorials, on YouTube you can go the for the basic details to start building, but there are a lot of other channels that can help too. If you did anything they would disapprove of, don't worry, pretty much everything is fixable.

Also, never be scared to play with them! If it breaks, just buy a new one. Leg, shoulder, or arm joints get loose? Just put a small amount of super, or krazy, glue, evenly cover it using a q-tip, and let it dry for a good half-hour, and it should gain its friction again.

I will say, refining my old finished model kits is probably the most enjoyable thing I do to pass time.

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Red fins don't easily come off. Also the wings are segmented and split apart(if you couldn't tell from the background), possability's excellent, I didn't put all the detail stickers usual RG kits have due to the fact that they're all complicated to put on and I think the regular Wing Zero Custom looks good on it's own. It's also my first Gunpla kit in a few years...

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I need to get one of these now.


Remember that you have to build it. You should get some usable tools. Unless you were talking about the RG... crap

Poor lighting. Sorry

Recommended kits: MG Char's Gelgoog 2.0, MG Wing Zero Custom (EW OVA ver.), Mega Shiki.

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Konichiwa Sushiyoda! I'd give this topic a read smile

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Nice. Fellow Gundam fans.
So far I've built the HG Banshee Destroy Mode and Rozen Zulu, RG Zaku II (Char Custom) and Freedom, and last but not least the PG Unicorn Gundam.
Probably going to get either the MG Darkmatter Exia or the Hyaku Shiki 2.0 next.

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I haven't assembled much Gunpla, only a valuable pod (for a Gyan that I'm getting), a HG Astray Blue Frame, a HG Exia, and a HG Build Burning Gundam (first version). But I have also assembled many Danball Senki (aka LBX) model kits.

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I've obtained and built a Portent Kit, man is it a nice one. Find some parts annoying though, so maybe I might plan on customizing it

Any alternatives to gundam markers or should I just suck it up and order some when I order a couple of gunpla. watching gundam build fighters has got me wanting to build some. how do yall get your gunpla?


Online, or local model shop. (It's awesome having local shops in SF, California)

I've now RG Wing Gundam Zero Custom, Wing Gundam Fenice Reniscita, and Portent Gundam kits, all great, though eventually I'll get a Unicorn Mode Gundam Unicorn

The best sites for Gundams are Hobbylink Japan and Amazon,IMO.


Are you the HG type?

I got the HG Advanced Hazel (from a manga).

Amazon. They've got a pretty good selection.

that's where ive been looking


I just finished buying some HG Build Fighter sets, sorry if I'm a HG skrub though...

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You should post some pictures.