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Apparently $100 isn’t expensive


For a tool that’ll last? it’s not expensive at all, try looking at hobbing brushes sometime, my dad recently bought himself on (Keep in mind, this is a regular paintbrush) for $200

The average human being would consider $100 expensive for one device, yes. Especially if that device also requires proper respirators and air condenser equipment.

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Looks like the Mega Size line isn’t quite dead yet.

Anyone know if there’s a no grade 1/100 scale Exia? I have two celestial being suits and have found another on Amazon. As for the exia all I can find is master grade (would work too but I’d like to stay consistent in types. Also the mg four finger swap I’m not terribly fond of.) I’m curently trying to collect OO s1 celestial being.

But it can’t transform, which is pretty sad for that size…


So there’s a bunch more images released from yesterday’s hobby show.

P-Bandai 00 Raider with even more swords.

HI-Res Wing Zero EW

HG Origin Zaku II Mass Production

A black variant of the Local Type with a shoulder cannon

I think this is a P-Bandai Garma Zabi Zaku II. Not sure.

Looks like the RG Casval Gundam is getting a re-release.

Blue Destiny looking good.

RG Unicorn. Actually transforms. Prepare to be frustrated.

New GMs from the new Build Fighters thing.

Another new Build Fighters Gundam.

P-Bandai. Think it’s a Hamrabi from Twilight Axis.

A Build Fighters teaser.

Gyanko kit with a face that looks awful.

Another Super Fumina. Like we need another one.

ChinaGuy also looks awful.

Re:1/100 Hamma-Hamma looking dapper.

And last but not least, resin prototypes of the ZZ Ver. KA.


I can dream[quote=“Frodos_Huna, post:252, topic:7580”]
New GMs from the new Build Fighters thing

GMs are coolio.


GMs look awesome.

Origin Zaku is basically the color I’ve been wanting.

That Zaku MG can’t be Garma’s. It’s not orange and dark green.

The Gyanko and Fumina look neat for what they are, definitely buying Gyanko for meme purposes.

Wing Zero Hi Res is a new level of sexy.

And God help whoever has to design that Unicorn.

I think I’ll stick with Gundam girl figures. For the models china looks the best but only becuase everyone else is scary. I’d rather pay extra for a figure that doesn’t want to steal my soul.

Though the rest look really good. The new gm does give me some custom ideas.


So as it turns out the Local Type and Casval Gundam are both P-Bandai. However, I was wrong about the Casval Gundam. It’s not the RG, but the MG 3.0.

Not too surprising. At least they exist, I suppose.

So I have a list of Gundams I want to buy, but I can’t decide on which out of the list I want to get next. I’m thinking either the HG Test Type Dom or the RG 00 Raiser.

Probably this. The Test Type Dom is great but you already have the Origin Zaku II, which it’s based on. I think that the RG 00 Raiser would offer a more varying experience.

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If you’re getting the 00 then get an action base too while you’re at it. You’re gonna need it.

Or just buy tamashii stages and use the claw and not even bother with the horror that is the RG stage adapters…

I need help here

How do you use these? I have no idea how to apply these decals. Particularly the victory 2 decals.

so after searching aroudn for a while i Ordered the Crossbone Maoh


they’re waterslide decals.

as on how to apply them, i dunno. look it up

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Pretty simple.

For the ones that don’t have a film covering them…

Get a small dish of tap water, a hobby knife, a pair of tweezers, and a cotton swab. Cut around the decal you want and use tweezers to dunk it in the water. Wait a minute. Pull it out, and use a cottonswab to “slide” the top part of the decal onto the piece. Position it until you’re happy and let it dry. This should be all that’s necessary.

For those that do have a film over them, this is much more complicated and I recommend you search up “dry apply decals”

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