Gunpla Painting Tips

Hello all!

Here is a good place for all you Gunpla fans out there to post your painting (and really, customization in general) tips!

and No, I personally am not asking for tips.
I’m making this so that other new Gunpla people have a place to come to if they have questions about customizing.

My first and foremost rule would probably be follow your heart!
Customize whatever kit you want!
Also, try new methods and colors! Try repaints! trying new things is very good.

I don’t know much about Gunpla, but I can offer general model painting tips?

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This should be fairly obvious with painting any model but plan out the colors and paint before building; esspecially with gunpla where just the knees can be muiltiple moving peices. Also careful panting around pegs and part connections unless you want gaps.

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If you’re painting instead of Decals and Stickers, try to match the pattern and/or color of the stickers as close as you can. That way, it will look better and smoother. The colors are the way they are for a reason, you know.

you’ve heard of pc master-race.

well there’s also the AIRBRUSH MASTER-RACE.

personally I recommend you use on of these.
I mean…holy crap the work you can do with one of these is amazing

the only one ratio I can remember now is that when using tamiya acrylic paint (in an airbrush) two drops of paint to one drop of thinner i.e 2/1

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