Guns N' Bonks, Part 1: Modular Rifle and Submachine Gun

Instructions and Studio file included below

Pew pew ca choo

This is a bit of a revamp and expansion on a previous work I never posted on TTV. The guns, not Jaller.

The concept here is simply some modular guns, ones that are meant for mocs around the size I build canister set characters, ie Inika height, that have enough easily attachable addons to configure a few different ways. The real world influences that went into both guns will be obvious to some but they’re not meant to be exact replicas of anything per se. More of a standalone design.

And also functional sights!

But only for some of the optics unfortunately. I wasn’t able to figure it out for the various red dot sights in a manner I liked.

I’m using Jaller here to pose the guns because he’s basically my most “standard” idealized proportion for canister set characters; sadly I don’t have a moc that these guns were actually made for as all of my mocs so far are situated in the world of G1. And despite the rocket launchers, 6 barreled torpedoes, lightstone rifles, lasers, crossbows, knives, bioweapons and casual genocides, bullets are where we gentlemen of G1 draw the line.

Standard Rifle:

Carbine Rifle:

Rifle’s rear sight flips down to get out of the way of mounted optics. The stock is a foldable stock that can fold over the top of the rifle. I won’t include a pic here but you can see it in the video.

Tacticool Rifle:

The laser attachment for the rifle is a little too inconspicuous. Laser attachments for both guns can hold a 4L trans red bar at their ends in the same style as Nuparu Inika’s drill gun…thing, representing a laser beam. I was considering adding it here to make the laser attachment stand out more but, eh. Looks kinda cartoony.

Marksman Rifle:

Marksman Rifle Suppressed:

Standard Submachine Gun:

Tacticool Submachine Gun:

The mags on both guns are detachable. At one point I was making a drum mag option for the smg, but it never came out looking good enough so I’m not including it.

Tacticold Submachine Gun Suppressed:

*It should be noted that even though the grip of these guns is designed to attach to the custom hands I use in my own mocs, the axle connector there can be detached to let the gun be held by a set-style socket hand.

How to build video:

Studio file can be downloaded here.

**As always purple parts represent substituted pieces. In this case, just a lone 3L bar in one of the stocks that’s supposed to be a 2L cut flex tube.


nothing makes my MOCing attempts feel quite as pathetic as you do :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Lol don’t fall down that path my dude. That’s why I’m leaving studio files and build videos occasionally to demystify what I build as much as I can.


Welcome, Jaller, to the Spherus Magna Mafia! Here we provide you with the coolest of weapons so you can show off the inner GANGSTA in you!!!


Very nice.

where’d my original post go??

Yeah as complicated as something might look, once you take a look at how the thing is made the more you realize how simple it is.


I don’t usually like guns and rifles, but those are greatly done! Very nice detailing, very well done customization. They look amazing!

It’s a child-friendly story, ya know.


this is why you are the wholesome gadunka


Jaller the Mafia Man



why is he me


I thought Jaller looked cool in a mafia outfit especially with that pose :rofl:

And you don’t have a fedora :wink:

Or a rifle

These guns are really slick (I use slick a lot idk why) but the attention to scopes is what really sets them apart

absolutely excellent work g’dunka


It’s good to know if I ever need an alt account now I have its icon.

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