Gurir, Shadowed Teacher

I know the hat design isn’t original, but it works well here.

I’ll bet you thought he didn’t have a head…

His mouth opens!
Constructive criticism encouraged, as always!
I hope you like him!


Let me guess he teaches Mathematics

It is pretty
but I feel like the Skrall shield is always used as a Samurai hat


I feel this guy resembles Shadowgear far too much to hold much personality of his own.


I have absolutely NO clue what you’re talking about.
@Gringat, this guy?
The only similarly is the hat.

The hat, colour scheme, scale, technic greebling in the torso and the head design underneath the hat are all similar to older versions of the character.

This is a different character and have never seen that moc before today.
Just because it looks similar to something else doesn’t mean it was inspired or meant to look like another one.
I’d rather you judge it on my moc and not if it looks like another.

While what you say is true, the reality is that it looks like something that already exists and is well known in the community. It’s impossible to know about everything else that’s out there when you make your own design choices, and while there’s theoretically infinite variation in what’s possible, sometimes things just happen to look similar. Bad luck strikes us all there.

If you want me to judge it just on the MOC itself, I’m afraid I don’t like it. The chest and shoulder construction is quite elegant, but the arms and legs are simply setlike and uninspired. I can’t see what reasoning there is behind the asymmetrical shoulder armouring either, and the left leaves the messy balljoint area exposed. I’m not a fan of the head design at all either. It’s boxy and has a + shaped eye and what looks like a gaping, open mouth as well.
The proportions are quite strange as well - it suffers from having very long arms and comparatively shorter legs like the G1 sets do, which unless that’s what you’re going for is something most people on here try to avoid.
And why is there only dark red on the upper arms? It worked well on Telya because it looked like epaulettes, but here it seems a lot more out of place.


Thanks for your opinion.
I’ll see if I can fix that.

Shadowgear? Is that you?

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We are not starting this discussion again.

guilty as charged

looks pretty nice, good work

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I was thinking that, but then you got ahead of me.