Guurahk G3 Personality? [Characters]

Guurahk paints the ocean from its rocky shores, where day after day, she watches the waves beat against the stone in a never-ending, monotonous, meaningless cycle. She has seen the various religions of Naho come and go, and in her short life, has found no real purpose to speak of- only ways to pass the time. Hidden in the pages of her stolen history books, Guurahk doesn’t find comfort at the successes of notable Nahoians(?), only a feeling of futility in their impermanence. As she paints the ocean, she no longer sees the waves crash against the rocks- no, she sees only the endless march of Matoran in their fruitless quest against their ultimate enemy- and she sees their inevitable deaths, generation after generation, by the hand of time itself.
Guurahk tosses the completed painting into the maelstrom of crashing waves below her. Why should she keep it? It’d be damaged, lost, or worn out eventually. Just like the Nahoians around her, who looked so desperately to religion for answers they could never find elsewhere, the painting was of no worth. The nihilist stood above the waves once more before leaving, and smiled. Then she simply skipped away, looking for entertainment.

Guurahk’s deep love of history, paired with her strange personality, gives her a unique perspective on life. As an existential Nihilist, life has no inherent meaning to her- and her applied purpose, to entertain herself in life, lacks the deeper meaning other Nahoians search for with religion. As a moral nihilist, no action is more correct than any other. Guurahk would kill children, slaughter her family, or watch Artakha itself disintegrate before her eyes without a second thought. It’s lucky for The City of the Tide that Guurahk isn’t a warrior- for she is capable of anything. Her radical views have driven her to petty thievery and social isolation, and she spends most of her days painting atop the wild Artahkan shores.

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