Gvozdom the Hollow

Once a valiant knight, this cursed wretch now roams the frozen wastelands of Agimel in search of its next victim.

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Not much to this guy, I just got inspired to make an undead knight dude after thumbing through the new artbook we got. That and I’ve been wanting to make use of more of those trans-purple parts for a while now. Thanks for taking a look!


Ah yeah saw it on flickr, it is so good, I love the use of the claws and the beast jaw on the chest


Ahh, yet another knight M.O.C. that will make me think of Sauron. The feel of this rough and dark sorcery is excellently carried out through the build. I’m afraid I will only be able to praise this. All I might find to nitpick is possibly that the legs, from the images, don’t seem to have any purple in them. Which, doesn’t bother me at all. Mind-blowing work, as always.

Dude your mocs are so amazing!
Stop it, you make me jealous of your skills and pieces.

this moc is amazing and that head

Oh wow. That translucent purple does wonders for his complexion.

Looks like Makuta to me.

The chest is a little boring but other than that it’s pretty good, nice usage of parts too.

Please tell me you had a fan blowing to get that cape up



I love the head and the subtle use of purple. Overall, another great moc


That’s a good MOC. I love the custom head, and overall this just looks awesome.
I can’t think of anything bad about this.

######Holy crap dude that helmet.

It looks fantastic, it’d be better if it had a bigger shield imo.

Fantastic, the rugged and ancient vibe is excellently conveyed here. I also really dig his shield and head design.

Amazing! Could you please post pictures of the back without the cape.

Thanks for the feedback everybody, it means a lot!

@Novel Just a piece of wire, nothing fancy like that :v

@Zekester Here, but it really isn’t anything special, just more armor plating


Thank you.

Wow, this is phenomenal. Nice job man.

Really awesome MOC. The design of the head is really cool too.

It looks like Chaos has fallen upon the Old World :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice MOC.

Good color distribution.