Gyarados in LDD

Holy cow, this is amazing!

Holy Miltank! This is awe-inspiring!

FANTASTIC, but i have one request, paint it red and upload the shiny one!

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How? How?! This is so amazingly perfect in every aspect.

… Well this is it. I’m done. This is freaking Amazing.

If someone manages to make a moc of Zapdos, Articuno or Mewtwo.

Please tell me

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That’s really good! Also, how do you get that good of picture quality on LDD?

where are those even connected to?

Nothing, I forgot to add the exo-force arms there otherwise they would be holding the tubes together like on the front.

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This is a great MOC as usual

This is really cool, but would everything hold together in real life, and would it be poseable?

WOW, this is amazing O_O

Hey, Can i use this for a Moc showcase video om myYoutube Channel? thedanishlegodorkshow

Sure that’s cool by me :+1:

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Yes, tomorrow the video will be up, i will send you the link

Great, looking forward to it :smiley:

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Hey here is the video, hope you enjoy it

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There are no words.