Haalrik, god of warriors and patron of humanity

Hello yall, here is another of one of my creations from LDD, a god. This god is a protector of both humans and warriors alike. this guy is also old like Kaorat was. Haalrik is the first god and considered “leader” of the three gods of order, three gods that are part of the 9 gods in my story. if yall have any questions, dont be afraid to ask.


the arms and upper legs seem a little too thin, but other than that the moc looks cool
The usage of the Haus are interesting

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@1000Purse30 Thanks for your feedback. the arms are thin because of him wearing much thinner armor there, and the upper legs are like that as well for same reason, since more weight is in the shins, even though he can move very well in the armor. as for the Haus and such, the idea came from a skyrim mod, then i spiced it up by adding the haus and the little spikes.

@Toa_Vladin how come you dont like the color scheme?

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The legs could be a little more beefy he is the god of warriors after all and his arms maybe he should be like Kai a bit complex and stuff you know

I really don’t like the color scheme.

@blazewarrior02: I don’t know, I just don’t like it.