Had disney ripped off bionicle with Moana?

Hi there.I ask this because i’ve seen some memes about moana’s island being named “moto nui” and we all know our favorite island mata nui soooo…(This is more of a joke topic;)

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Short answer: the names of both islands were based upon Maori terms. So really they’re both ripping off the Maorians.


yes i know

i was bored and wanted to see what happened

When Disney apropriates someone else’s culture to make money people don’t care, but when Lego does it it ends with a lawsuit



Disney:Has moana.
Maori: ok
Lego: has bionicle

Disney also tried to copyright a Mexican day of the Dead so they can use a name for a dessert

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It wasn’t the actual use of the language that was the issue it was the use of certain words that they had an issue with. Pretty sure most people have issues with their culture being “misused” so why should the Maori people be any different.
Disney most likely used Maori words and traditions in a more faithful way that didn’t cause as much concern as alien cyborgs fighting giant robot animals.


not sure i like where this topic is going

This is true.

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Honestly Lego is way more ethical than Disney in every way.

Lego did not beat up vultures to death

This is true.Bionicle also did NOT have STUPID COCONUNT PEOPLE

Sorry but joke topics aren’t allowed here.