Hades of the Underworld

Feared. Reviled. Even revered. Hades is many things to many people. Here, he is a deadly, viscous, bloodlusted monster.





Sounds like a cool dude.

(Neat MOC)

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I love it! nice mock tho :thumbsup: :smiley:

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that horn design is:


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Well, that’s by far the best prisma I’ve ever seen of a MOC. Actually, these photos are all excellent. The MOC it’s self does seem kind of basic, though.

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Now this reminds me of Hades. I love the small details, really brings out character.


Thanks for the compliment! What does basic mean in this case though?

It’s just that none of the techniques here seem amazingly complex. That’s not bad, mind you, it still looks nice. Very clean.

Complex techniques? Interesting. I didn’t even know there were any techniques, let alone complex ones. Are there youtubers or websites that show some of these techniques? I always get this feedback that my MOCs are “simple”. I’m interested in being less so.

Captures the Hades character rather well for the simplicity. I think the head could be done a little differently but it by no means is bad. Good work! :slight_smile:

Often “complexity” is quite subjective. To me, something is complex is when it uses the maximum number of parts to the max effect. For example, this is a great example of a complex custom torso:

It can go both ways though. Sometimes overly complex MOCs look messy and ridiculous, as demonstrated here:
This problem usually applies to larger MOCs, and as such are frequently forgiven, because just getting it that big is impressive.


Great reply. In the case of that torso, it accomplishes the same thing as a regular ccbs torso. Seems counterintuitive to build something like that when there’s already a factory made piece. I guess that’s the point of being complex though. It’s certainly more of a challenge.

Also, wouldn’t that torso be more likely to fall apart? The ball joints for the hips are only attached by a half length of axle. One roundhouse kick during battle, and that whole leg will fall right off. I guess complex builds are for display purposes only?

It’s pretty cool man.
I like the horns and the legs.
And props for using that fairly unused chime chest plate.

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It depends on what your going for, if its a larger moc or one with a heavily system based aesthetic then a custom torso is almost always crucial. Also its just really fun and because often times a simple hero factory torso piece might not have the desirable proportions. All this being said i fully agree that your mocs are fantastic despite their simplicity, something not many people can achieve

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This is your best moc I’ve seen, except for the use of tires, I can’t complain

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No, not really. I’ve built some pretty solid “complex” mocs. Although, I think the term we’re looking for is better used as custom. Also

The custom made one probably fills out the torso better, and allows more poseability and customization. They both have pros and cons.

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Thanks Jayfa. That’s awesome. I do love a challenge, so I think I will pursue some more complex techniques.

Thanks @SonicBionicleMaster!

If you get a chance, check out the pics in this post again. A cool idea came to me a few minutes ago. I think he looks even more impressive now.

Wow… He looks… Epic

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This one is probably my favorite so far. The skeletal elements really accentuate and fit the character of Hades; the horns, digitigrade legs, and wings giving him an all around demonic prescence.

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That’s quite the pair of horns he has.

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